Arianna Lauren
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Portrait of Arianna in the Sandias, photographed by Darklisted Photography

Combining Ancestral Knowledge & Northwest Native Plant Extracts.
Connecting Our Modern Life With The Natural World.


Quw'utsun' Made was founded by Arianna in 2016 while she was living in the

small salish village of Swinomish, WA. Arianna, inspired by the land & her elders, created a product line to support the needs of her community. Starting with a small batch of candles,

Arianna & her respected siiem travelled to local pow wows, maker's markets, and Canoe Journey, to share her vision of her medicine based product line. Through her travels, Arianna had the chance to connect with elders, teachers, and youth from all over Turtle Island including Lenape (NYC), Dinetah (Arizona), Pueblo (New Mexico), and of course the Coast Salish Nation. It was through these travels that Arianna learned what her community was lacking the most- ancestral medicines in the form of modern skin care. With the guidance of the Coast Salish Nation, Arianna was able to develop what is now known as Quw'utsun' Made. 

Arianna lauren is a proud daughter of the Quw'utsun'/Cowichan Tribes.

She was born on Vancouver Island, & raised in Vancouver, British Columbia,

which has always been Unceded Coast Salish Territory.

Quw'ustun' Made is a project to preserve the traditional knowledge of the

Coast Salish Nation in order to pass it on to the next generations.

She believes that people will only find true healing by cultivating their sacred

relationship with the natural world.