Rich, moisturizing & super absorbant lotion infused with traditional medicine plant extracts: Devil's Club, Stinging Nettle & Comfrey.
Scented with Cedar & Lavender essential oil.
100% Vegan & Paraben Free.

Traditionally used for calming inflamed skin from issues such as psoriasis & eczema.

Please note this product has been reformulated to be nut free. The base is handmade using shea butter, avocado oil, infused oil (apricot kernel oil with Devils Club, Comfrey, & Nettle), and pure essential oils.

4oz Devil’s Club Lotion with Comfrey & Nettle

  • This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. It is simply information given to you so that you may choose the best option for your health and well-being. As such this has not been regulated by the FDA and is considered an alternative form of wellness. Natives have been using plant based extracts since time immemorial but it is up to you how you choose to apply it.

  • water, shea butter, infused oil (apricot kernel oil, devils club, comfrey, & nettle), avocado oil, emusifying wax, stearic acid, nettle extract, & optiphen