Hand formed bowls made by Arianna's good friend Brandon Adriano Ortiz of Taos Pueblo.


Brandon hand formed a small collection of bowls for you to mix your clay masks in.

Each bowl is unique by shape & form with subtle bursts of mica throughout.

Arianna had the pleasure of helping Brandon fire these in the traditional way, in a high temp cottonwood & cedar fire covered with sawdust. 


To use: meaure out 1tbsp of clay mask and spray in Rosewater until consistancy is achieved. 

Apply wet clay mask to face & neck. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water & pat dry.

Follow up with Rosewater Nettle Mist & Salish Forest Oil to lock in moisture & restore. Rinse bowl under 

warm running water & allow to air dry. 


See more of Brandons work here: https://swaia.org/exhibitors/brandon-adriano-ortiz/

Clay Bowl for Clay Masks by Brandon A Ortiz